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AutoCAD Crack Full Version Free Download

AutoCAD Crack License Key [32|64bit] AutoCAD is used to create technical, architectural, and mechanical drawings, architectural design plans, engineering blueprints, construction documents, and architectural and engineering models. A number of add-ons (optional software) can be installed, including math tools, drafting tools, and 3D viewers. The main programs are supported by numerous different third-party add-ons and online tutorials. The various third-party add-ons may offer additional functionality and customizability, such as the ability to work in three dimensions, add text and other annotations, and work in color. Autodesk offers an online documentation portal and a network of resources for further support. AutoCAD includes several macros (standardized command sequences) to quickly perform common tasks. A single macro may be assigned to a keyboard shortcut, so that the user can simply enter the shortcut to run a macro. The software includes a large library of standard drawings that can be used as references. History [ edit ] Autodesk is a leading provider of commercial software applications, including AutoCAD. Autodesk was founded in 1982 by Douglas H. Kenyon and Paul E. Kaminski. During the 1980s and early 1990s, AutoCAD software was developed in the basement of Kenyon's home. Version 1.0 was first released in 1982. The first AutoCAD drawing was a simple drawing of a house, while the first Autodesk computer was a Commodore VIC-20.[2] AutoCAD was released as a desktop application, running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. Initially, the software could not open existing drawings created on computers that did not have this functionality. AutoCAD is cross-platform, i.e., available on a variety of computer operating systems, including Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. In 1984, Kenyon founded Autodesk to develop and market AutoCAD. The first publication of AutoCAD was not the actual software itself but the CAD1 journal, which introduced the software to the professional community. In 1986, Autodesk began selling AutoCAD, and the company produced its first home version, AutoCAD Home, in 1988. By 1990, AutoCAD was the most widely used CAD program for architectural and engineering projects.[3] AutoCAD was originally developed as a suite of software that consisted of two applications, AutoCAD and MEPIS (for Mechanical Equipment, Inventory, and Production Systems AutoCAD Crack List of applications AutoCAD Torrent Download Architecture AutoCAD Electrical AutoCAD Electrical Extension Tools (AutoCAD LT) AutoCAD Electrical Extension Tools (2016) AutoCAD LT AutoCAD Mechanical Extension Tools (2017) AutoCAD Mechanical Extension Tools (2018) AutoCAD Plant 3D (2017) Autodesk Simulated Reality Viewer AutoCAD Architecture 2012 (2012) AutoCAD Architecture 2013 (2013) AutoCAD Architecture 2014 (2014) AutoCAD Architecture 2015 (2015) AutoCAD Architecture 2016 (2016) AutoCAD Architecture 2017 (2017) AutoCAD Architecture 2018 (2018) AutoCAD Architecture 2019 (2019) AutoCAD AutoCAD LT (2013) AutoCAD AutoCAD LT (2012) AutoCAD Mechanical 2016 (2016) AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 (2017) AutoCAD Mechanical 2018 (2018) AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 (2019) AutoCAD Plant 3D (2017) AutoCAD Plant 3D (2018) AutoCAD Plant 3D (2019) AutoCAD 2019 (2019) AutoCAD 2020 (2020) AutoCAD R14 (R14) AutoCAD R14.1 (R14.1) AutoCAD R14.2 (R14.2) AutoCAD R15 (R15) AutoCAD R15.1 (R15.1) AutoCAD R15.2 (R15.2) AutoCAD R15.3 (R15.3) AutoCAD R16 (R16) AutoCAD R16.1 (R16.1) AutoCAD R16.2 (R16.2) AutoCAD R16.3 (R16.3) AutoCAD R16.4 (R16.4) AutoCAD R16.5 (R16.5) AutoCAD R17 (R17) AutoCAD R17.1 (R17.1) AutoCAD R17.2 (R17.2) AutoCAD R17.3 (R17.3) AutoCAD R18 (R18) AutoCAD R18.1 (R18.1) AutoCAD R18.2 ( 5b5f913d15 AutoCAD [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022] Go to "Tools > Preferences > Extension > Autodesk Autocad". Click on the Download... button. Click on the "Create... button. Paste the keygen in the field. The download will start and will finish automatically. When the download is complete, close the dialog box and close Autocad. Open Autocad again and then Activate Autocad. For further information, or if you need help, please contact the Autodesk support team at: -------------------------------------------------- For troubleshooting purposes, please go to -------------------------------------------------- AutoCAD(r) 2002/2-Autodesk(r) 2001SAN ANTONIO – For the second straight season, the San Antonio FC will host its first annual San Antonio Women’s Sports Weekend. Beginning Thursday, Feb. 16, the club will hold a number of events to celebrate the team and the women’s soccer league on the South Side. The 2017 Women’s Sports Weekend kicks off with a Family Fun Day at Alamo Colleges on Thursday. Fans can stop by the Alamo Colleges Health Clinic for a free flu shot, enjoy free face painting, and take part in many soccer-themed activities for the kids. Plus, SAFC players will be on hand for autographs. The Family Fun Day ends at 6 p.m., so make sure you come out to enjoy the fun and be sure to bring a team or a league of your own! The following weekend, San Antonio FC will host the San Antonio FC U-19 Women’s Championship on Feb. 23 and 24 at the Alamodome. The U-19 team will play two games and the playoffs will be on Feb. 23. Admission is free and fans can watch the team play in the Alamodome concourse. The entire San Antonio FC roster will be available for autographs. But that’s not all. On Saturday, Feb. 25, San Antonio FC will host its annual Scrimmage and Pub Quiz on the South Side at the Dr. Jesus Arreola Medical Center. It will be a fun way to celebrate the season and all of the new players on the team. There will also be raffles with a chance to win tickets to games, hats What's New In? Markup Capture: Quickly add symbols to your drawings and text objects. Markup capture allows you to quickly insert a symbol into a drawing. Simply draw with your cursor and a prompt appears. You can even enter markup as you are drawing. (video: 1:07 min.) New Illustrator tool: Bring your designs to life in Illustrator. Use the Zoom tool to view your designs at any size and rotation. Drag artwork from your device into Illustrator. Now use animations, filters, and an import/export feature to collaborate with others easily and on-the-fly. Add text and symbols for a professional finish. (video: 4:10 min.) System Requirements For AutoCAD: PC: OS:Windows 7/8.1 Windows XP/Vista Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 6970 DirectX: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard drive: 30 GB of free space Sound: DirectX 9.0-compatible sound card Display: 1024x768

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